France Haliotis is the first sea-based ormer farm in France and the largest in Europe. Wild ormers are becoming scarce and difficult to access as the fishery struggle with diminishing stocks. Our ormers are specially produced for European gastronomy restaurants in order to maintain this rare and exquisite species among our cooking and eating traditions. 

Our ormers are farmed at sea and fed 100% fresh seaweed hand-picked locally or farmed respecting the seasonality and the fragile balance of marine habitats. You are also welcome at anytime in Plouguerneau to visit our farm. ( 

Our product: 

*Cocktail size ormers: 6-9 cm, approx 40-50g/unit it is naturally tender and available all year round – 16-30 units/kg. Also named the "truffle of the sea" by local Brittany chefs and gastronomy reviewers, it provides a great potential for creative and innovative cooking. The 4 years required to grow them to this size give their flesh all the time to concentrate the unique flavour that they take from the seaweed they eat.

 Distribution: our product can be delivered within 24 hours which guaranty an optimum quality.They will be live at delivery and should stay fresh 3 to 4 days in their delivery box if kept in a cold room.

 Reference :

 Our ormers are served in the best seafood restaurants in Europe: 

- Feran ADRIA, El Bulli, Barcelone,

- Hugo Roellinger, Le coquillage, Cancale,

- L'auberge de l'Ill, à l'Illhausen,

- Pascal De Valkener, Le Chalet de la Forêt, Bruxelles.

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Scea France Haliotis
Lieu dit Kerazan
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 Telephone 02 98 37 17 39

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Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 10h00 à 12h00 et de 14h00 à 17h30.


Visite organisée de groupes toute l'année sur réservation.

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